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Integrated Management System

S2 O&M will implement Integrated Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety Management Systems within its business in generation of electricity and production of water and will consider these management systems fundamental to the continual improvement of the process.

  • Understanding and meeting the requirements of its clients and striving for enhancing their satisfaction by providing services in a time bound manner which meets and exceeds their expectation.
  • Complying with relevant legislation codes of practice pertaining to Quality, Environment Health and Safety and other requirements.
  • Prevention of injury, ill-health of its employees, visitors and contractors and environmental pollution through appropriate planning and decisions.
  • Ensuring that the required communication exist towards establishing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the integrated management system.
  • Protecting its employees and any external parties involved in our operations, as well as the public and environment where we provide our services is a core value.
  • Providing appropriate instruction, information and training to its employees to contribute towards Quality Environment Health & Safety commitment and to comply with this policy.
  • Ensuring adequate resources in terms of finance, manpower, equipment and provision of suitable work environment are arranged for the continual improvement of the Integrated Management System.
  • Ensuring that all the incident, near-misses are reported, investigated and appropriate actions are taken to prevent its re-occurrence.
  • Continuously improve our Quality Environmental, Health & Safety performance by ensuring continual improvement of the processes based on objective measurement, conserving natural resources, preventing pollution and providing safe workplace.
  • The policy statement will be periodically reviewed and made available to the interested parties, and all persons working under the control of S2O&M plant.

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Company Structure


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Plant Technical Data


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S2 O&M Management Team

Ramesh Kakade  Plant General Manager
Simon Young Operations Manager
C K Sharma Maintenance Manager

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Project Highlight

Project Company : Shuweihat S2 Independent Water and Power Producer (IWPP)
Owner : Ruwais Power Company
Shareholders : ADWEA and Private Sectors (GDF, Marubeni, Osaka Gas)
Concession Period : 25 years
Location : Jebel Dhana, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
Off taker : ADWEA
EPC Contractor : Siemens, Samsung & Doosan (Project Consortium)
Project Consultant : Fichtner Consulting Engineers
Plant Capacity : 1507 MW – Power, 100 MIGD – Water
Technology : Combined Cycle Power Plant (Power), Multi-Stage Flash Units (Water)
Fuel : Fuel Oil & Natural Gas
PCOD : 18th October 2011

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Emiratization Program

The fundamental objective of the Emiratization Program is to ensure that UAE Nationals are recruited, developed and retained in S2 O&M Co. at different levels. Explicitly, this program sought to realize the following objectives:

  • To recruit, predominantly, fresh and young trainable Emiratis with suitable educational qualifications.
  • To train them internally or externally (if required) to take up responsibilities at the lower levels by means of a well-designed and effective training program.
  • To empower them to take independent responsibilities and this will be done through guiding, monitoring and encouraging them to do their work with confidence.
  • To boost and develop their morale by promoting them to higher positions after the successful completion of the training program in conjunction with the relevant open vacancies, individual capabilities, knowledge and qualifications.
  • To encourage Emiratis who show good performance but lack the required educational qualifications to attain higher educational qualifications by means of recommendation and monetary assistance from the company based on the performance / attitude and development ambition.
  • To explore and utilize the competencies of the experienced employees by qualifying them as in-house Subject Matter Experts to mentor UAE Nationals in developing the required competencies.

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